Japan’s new tradition

Since I am a early childhood major, I found this article in the New York times to be very interesting. It is a new tradition beginning in Japan and It talks about new moms staying inside to restore their health after birth. They are provided with nannys, chefs, and a practitioner, for a total of $27,000 a month.  For centuries, new mothers in Japan, would be confined in their house under the care of mothers or grandmothers. Today, they have an alternative option. 02chinamoms-topalt-master675


Welkin Canvas

I find the internet to be so fascinating because it opens up so many doors to networking whatever you want and to share it with people around the world.  I stumbled upon a page called Welkin Canvas which pictures unique art work.


You can view Welkin Canvas here : https://www.instagram.com/welkincanvas/


I loved this piece of art work in particular because of the 3-d illusion it portrays.


Huda Kattan – Beauty Blogger

I was browsing profiles on instagram, and I came across a page of a woman named Huda Kattan. She is a Beauty Blogger based in Dubai and has a total of 12.4 million followers which is insane !!! She constantly posts mini tutorials of different people and herself, on hair, nails, make up, skincare, fashion, and weight loss. I really love watching the tutorials about hair. I am always learning something new from the videos and trying them out on myself and my friends. I was in the beauty business doing hair for five years, so I will always have a passion for it. Hair – especially up – dos,  is a form of art to me. I feel that you can create anything you want as you go, so It really brings out my artistic side.

You can check out her profile here :





One historic and artistic sight that interests me, is Petra, located in Jordan. It is Jordan’s most famous archaeological site and is located in the desert. It is as old as 300 B.C and contains tombs and temples carved out of the rocks. In 2007, it was declared one of the seven wonders of the world. I am first generation here in America, but my parents are Jordanian. Whenever I go to visit, I go to Petra and it still Amazes me each time.

Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dali was a very well known Spanish artist who was extremely well known for his art revolving around surrealism.  The main focus of the Surrealist movement was literature but eventually opened up doors to painting, sculpture, and other forms of art. Surrealist created art that included images or scenarios from dreams and from the unconscious mind.

Salvador Dalí

                                    “Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings”


Swans Reflecting Elephants, 1937 by Salvador Dali

Swans Reflecting Elephants (1937)